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Where is Stephen A Smith on First Take? Absence explained as host reveals injury

Fans have been wondering where Stephen A Smith is after the charismatic host was missing from First Take for two weeks during the NBA off-season.

Stephen A Smith’s absence explained

When you have a figure as exuberant and eccentric as Stephen A Smith, you’ll always notice their absence rather quickly.

Having recently feuded with former co-host Skip Bayless, the often outspoken pundit ensures that there’s never a dull moment during the NBA season.

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Thankfully, for those who have been missing his coverage on First Take in recent weeks, A smith has provided a well-needed update.

So where is Stephen A Smith on First Take?

Having first assured fans he would “be back in a few weeks”, A Smith took to Twitter to explain his absence:

“Appreciate the love I’ve been receiving from everyone who’s missed me on @FirstTake. I’m out because I’m rehabbing from shoulder surgery. Partial tear — rotator cuff AND Bicep, along with frayed Labrum, plus a Bone Spur. Aging sucks, but it is what it is. Back next month.#AllLove“.

Sounds like a pretty sore one, Stephen!

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Fans react to A Smith’s injury update

Of course, Twitter somehow found a way to meme A Smith’s injury. In response to a Tweet which reported A Smith’s injury as if he was an NBA player himself, some fans couldn’t help but laugh:

Y’all are announcing this like he’s a all star player — 𝕵𝖆𝖗𝖎 (@Jari2Fly) July 14, 2022

prayers they’re gonna miss his versatility offensively— َ (@josiiahisfather) July 14, 2022

How does a shoulder injury keep you from making uninformed takes on TV— Sultan (@SultanBush) July 15, 2022

Another user trolled A Smith’s typical punditary style, joking that he was “abandoning his team in a time of need really shows his character.”

It’s good to see the internet is still as sympathetic as ever.

A Smith’s previous work absence

A Smith’s shoulder injury is not the first tie this year that the pundit has had to take time off work, with the 54-year-old having to miss time out back in winter.

A Smith was absent from his TV duties in January 2022 after it was revealed he had been suffering with COVID-19.

Having picked up the virus in late 2021, A Smith described how doctors told him that he may not have survived, as he encouraged everyone to wear a mask.

It is not confirmed exactly when A Smith will be back on our screens this time around, though he is not expected to be out of action for more than a few weeks from now.
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