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What is TikTok’s honey method for manifestation?

TikTok is buzzing with the honey method for manifestation that has many convinced will help them get noticed by their crush

Lately, TikTok users have been trying out different methods of manifestations and the latest one happens to be the honey method.

This trend comes after the platform had been buzzing with the whisper manifestation method, but what exactly are these?


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What is TikTok’s honey method?

The honey method of manifestation has been catching up on the platform with users claiming they have managed to get noticed by their crushes after following the simple steps.

In it, people use honey and put a drop of it on their finger before making a cross under their tongue and saying the name of their crush while manifesting getting noticed by them.

While some users have suggested it has worked for them, many tend to caution people that the ritual only works if you are a Hispanic.

At the moment, there is no real evidence that this works but people on TikTok seem to be convinced that it has been working its magic.

What is the whisper method?

Just like the honey method, the whisper challenge has also been picking up the interest of TikTok users as several people have claimed that it has worked for them.

However, this also comes with a warning of trying at your own risk. The method is similar to that of telekinesis which tends to rely on the idea that with manifestation you will be able to get the attention of anyone you desire.

It also requires the individual to be high in positive energy and spirits to make sure they get exactly what they want.


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How to do the whisper method

If you wish to do this method, just follow the steps mentioned below. Note that this method is not proven and does come with a warning of trying at your own risk.

Relax and make sure that your mind is completely clear.Once at peace, visualize the person whose attention you want. You will have to think about the way they look, smell, and sound if you want this to work perfectly. Think of what you want that person to do for you. For instance, if you want to receive a text from them then you have to think: “Call (your name) and tell them how much you miss them.”Once your message is ready, whisper the exact words in the other person’s ears.

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