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Texas Woman Gets a Very New York Reaction After Yelling ‘I’m Engaged’ Out of Her City Window

Texas Woman Gets a Very New York Reaction

After announcing her engagement to New York City, a Texas woman was disappointed by the response she expected.

Bailey Kenworthy can be seen yelling out her apartment window, “I’m engaged, New York!” after her partner proposed earlier in the day in a video posted to TikTok last week.

“Shut the f— up!” a cyclist pedaling below screamed back, to which Kenworthy turned to the camera and said, “I love it here.”

“I love that my video is blowing up,” Kenworthy, who is employed as a patient service specialist for the University of Texas Medical Branch’s COVID Urgent Care, told The New York Post, adding, “I enjoy when others laugh at my jokes.”

In an episode of Friends, Chandler proposes to Monica and Monica screams the news from her balcony, making the yelling “I’m engaged” an iconic reference.
While visiting Manhattan and Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, Kenworthy’s fiance proposed to her, asking her to marry him.

By placing the camera on a bench, he “played it off” by saying, “Let’s record ourselves posing.” “He then did it while we were posing.”

It’s hard not to remember Courteney Cox’s take on “Pivot!” from the long-running Friends sitcom, even if Kenworthy’s version has garnered more attention on social media.

When movers were trying to move a piece of furniture in her home in March 2019, Scream actress Monica Bellucci yelled in typical Monica fashion, “Shut up!” “Please don’t damage the walls. In a matter of seconds, you must pivot!”

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