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Shane Dawson is not dead as sick hoax trends on his birthday

Birthday boy Shane Dawson is the latest victim of the ridiculous death hoax. While the YouTuber is having a blast with friends and family as he turned 34, fans are worried and confused by the rumors.

Like Shane, several celebrities, including Tom Holland, Snoop Dogg, and Bruce Willis, have been subject to death hoaxes in the recent past.

Panic-stricken fans took to Twitter on July 19 to check if rumors about the YouTuber’s death are true after his name started to trend for all the wrong reasons.

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No, Shane Dawson isn’t dead

Sadly, Shane became the victim of the death hoax on his special day. But, these rumors aren’t true.

Shane is busy celebrating his birthday and has been active on Instagram over the last few hours. He has not only posted a birthday-related picture but has also shared numerous stories – the most recent of which was uploaded about 40 mins ago, at the time of writing.

A similar hoax claiming the YouTuber had passed away had taken over social media in April 2021 too.

It even garnered Keemstar’s reaction at the time as many fans came to believe the claims.

In response to the rumor, Keemstar wrote: “Shane Dawson Died is Trending! This is most likely False Kpop spam. I just Text Shane to see if he’s alive. No response yet.”

It was a hoax then, and it is the same now. Fans have absolutely no reason to be worried.

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Is shane dawson really dead or are y’all lying for interactions?— jayden/ problematic era (@chanelsslay) July 20, 2022

Hoax takes over Twitter

Shane’s fans are worried sick and confused at the same time on seeing “Shane Dawson dead” trend on Twitter.

But, this was soon refuted by verified sources like Def Noodles.

Their latest post reads: “BREAKING NEWS THAT WILL MOST DEFINITELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Shane Dawson is dead… according to half of Twitter right now. He’s actually alive and well celebrating his birthday.”

As Shane hasn’t addressed the rumors, some fans appear to be confused still.

“is Shane Dawson dead or not,” wrote one.

Another added: “I’m confused, is Shane Dawson actually dead?”

“HELP, is Shane Dawson actually dead or are you guys making it up again? Why are there rumors of his death every year,” tweeted one extremely worried fan.

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YouTuber is alive and celebrating his birthday

While the wild rumor about Shane has sent shockwaves among his fans, the YouTuber is busy celebrating his 34th birthday.

Only an hour ago, he posted pictures with his dog, Riley, as they are seated in a room decorated with balloons. You can also find him surrounded by a pink birthday cake and loads of presents.

He captioned his post: “The best Birthday ever :,)

“This is Riley Adams Dawson, code name RAD! We love her so much already!! I can’t wait for you to meet her! Her personality is funny and I’m so proud of her every time she does literally anything. Is this what 34 feels like?”

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