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Parampara season 3 faces uncertainty from early reviews, despite open ending

Despite an open ending and several hints at season 3, the early reviews for Parampara S2 throw doubt into the series’ future. The modern streaming…

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Despite an open ending and several hints at season 3, the early reviews for Parampara S2 throw doubt into the series’ future.

The modern streaming industry is certainly a cutthroat business, with series and productions being greenlit and axed almost within a blink of an eye.

Certainly, considering the sheer number of new shows each week, it’s no surprise that fans are often left feeling frustrated by the future of any particular series if a renewal isn’t publicly and overtly announced.

Unfortunately, Parampara season 3 has yet to be officially confirmed to be in production – here’s everything that you need to know about the renewal status for the Telugu crime drama.

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Parampara season 2 finally releases on Hotstar

Today, July 21st, the second season of the hit political crime drama Parampara was finally released for OTT streaming via Disney Plus Hotstar, only seven month’s after the shows initial debut.

There are multiple subscription plans available that will grant access to the entire Parampara catalogue on Disney Plus Hotstar:

Premium: Rs 1499 per year, four devices simultaneously up to 2160p resolutionSuper: Rs 899 per year, two devices simultaneously at 1080p resolutionMobile: Rs 499 per year, one mobile or tablet device at a time at 720p resolution

Season 1 made its debut back in December 2021 to a solid reception from fans and critics alike, with this David vs Goliath story certainly catching the attention of fans.

However, the rather lacklustre ending to the first season posed more questions than answers, with the top-rated review on IMDB noting how “Sadly the climax episode did not end well” and that “The ending might be weaved in such manner just to make a base for Season 2.”

The good news is that season 2 has thankfully been able to progress the story from this underwhelming conclusion, but the bad news is that the chances of a third season, unfortunately, remain decidedly mixed following a surprisingly poor critical response.

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Parampara season 3 remains likely, but reviews create uncertainty

Parampara season 3 has not yet been publicly confirmed to be in the works by either the showrunners or associated distribution partners.

On the one hand, the potential storylines that could be explored in season 3 are certainly hinted at throughout the recently released second instalment.

The surprisingly open ending to the Parampara season 2 finale also gives hope to fans that a third season could be produced, being described as “the final episode was good, especially the ending, the lead given to the third season!”

Telugu ABP Live noted how “The ending shows that the third season is going to be more interesting than the previous two seasons.” This is likely in response to the fact that the relationship between Gopi and Rachna has had no concrete resolution – the basis of the entire show.

However, as is the case with the vast majority of streaming titles, renewals are entirely dependent on the number of households who stream it and the critical response from the viewership. Unfortunately, the initial critic’s reviews for Parampara season 2 look to have thrown a blood-soaked hammer into the works.

LeisureByte calls season 2 a “boring, soapy, unnecessary revenge drama” and that “the whole series should have been completed in 10 episodes without another season.” However, they also note how “I guess the creator has plans to tell the story in small parts through many seasons” – indicating that critics are at least aware that a third season may be being lined up.

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@Naveenc212 Anna,Just finished watching #Parampara Season 2.Kudos to you Anna for perfect episodes and different climax.eagerly waiting for Season 3— VMR (@tsvmrtweets) July 21, 2022

Telugu ABP Live recommends that “If you are free… you can see it once for a weekend time pass” although it remains a rather “routine story.” Scores of 3/5 can be seen on Gadgets360 and OTT Play respectively, with the latter explaining how Parampara season 2 “may use familiar tropes but [it] is well-written and doesn’t beat around the bush”

It should also be noted that actress Divi Vadthya did reportedly state in a recent event that she was eagerly awaiting the third season, indicating that the cast are at least on board with another mission. However, we have been unable to corroborate any of the information shared from the event due to Telugu-language translations.

Interestingly, if Parampara season 3 is confirmed, filming may have to take a backstep due to the schedule of its lead actors. As of July 2022, Chandra, Babu and Sarathkumar are all working on at least one more project for the rest of 2022 – with Sarathkumar being credited with five upcoming roles.

This means that whatever the outcome for Parampara, production will likely have to wait until the cast’s schedule frees up; expect a season 3 release date (if renewed) sometime in Q3 2023 – fingers crossed that an official announcement concerning Parampara season 3 is made shortly.

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The post Parampara season 3 faces uncertainty from early reviews, despite open ending appeared first on Ladunblog.