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Original The Walking Dead cast now – Child star to favourite winning over hearts

Now, it’s been more than a decade since The Walking Dead cast first appeared on television – hard to imagine, that’s for sure. We take…

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Now, it’s been more than a decade since The Walking Dead cast first appeared on television – hard to imagine, that’s for sure. We take a trip back down memory lane at the original main cast to find out where The Walking Dead icons are now.

The Walking Dead began in October 2010. Coincidentally, (or not?) it was on Halloween. The series has been setting the bar high for future movies that dive into the apocalypse and zombie genre. The stories of its characters have had viewers hooked over the past decade.

After 11 seasons, TWD is ready to give its farewells. Its eleventh and last season is set to release its final episode on November 20, 2022. However, their stories don’t end here. Some of the characters have already been booked off for a spinoff show. The good news, there are also plans for theatrical releases in the upcoming future.


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The Walking Dead cast now (original stars)

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon)

Photo by Paul Butterfield/FilmMagic

Now, if we’re going to talk about The Walking Dead cast, we have to speak of Norman. He became one of the favourite faces of The Walking Dead. Surprisingly, his character is still alive despite occasional scares that left viewers praying for his life.

Over the past 11 seasons, Daryl has witnessed many deaths among his loved ones. However, the character of Daryl is one of those who will stay until the last episode. Or so the fans hope.

Despite continuing to be on the series for more than a decade, Norman has also gone on to participate in other projects. The actor is currently hosting his own travel series Ride with Norman Reedus.

Carrying on his legacy in The Walking Dead saga, the 53-year-old has been announced to be taking part in the 2023 Daryl & Carol spinoff. The series is set to launch once TWD ends.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes)

Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

His character has been in a total of 103 episodes. The beloved character, who was once thought to be dead by his wife, Lori, is also the father of Carol and Judith.

In season nine, viewers believed that Rick had died after blowing up a bridge to save his friends and family, but is in fact, still alive.

However, the actor left in season nine. Despite breaking the hearts of many viewers with his decision of departing from the series to focus on his family, that did not mean that his journey in The Walking Ended has ended.

Known mainly for his role in TWD, the actor made a major move by starring in Penguin Bloom alongside popular Hollywood actress, Naomi Watts.

The 48-year-old is set to star in theatrical movies based on his character. This will dive into the story of Rick Grimes and the cliffhanger from season nine. Andrew is also in the works to participate in an untitled TWD spinoff in 2023.

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Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes)

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As a survivor of the outbreak as the wife of Rick Grimes and mother of Carl, the character of Lori has been followed closely. Believing that Rick had died, Lori traveled to Atlanta with Carl.

Pregnant with her second child and trying to escape from the Walkers who wanted her and Carl dead, Lori’s water breaks due to the stress. Lori then makes the decision of doing an emergency Caesarean Section to save the baby. This causes Lori to pass away from the shock and blood loss.

Her newborn daugther, who was named Judith, is still on the series.

As for the actor, the Prison Break star also appeared in TV shows Unspeakable and Council of Dads after The Walking Dead. Sarah voiced Cassie Wallace in the podcast series Aftershock before taking up the role of Anita Dyck in Letterkenny on television.

Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier)

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The non-stop crying meek who was once abused by her husband during the zombie apocalypse became a total warrior. Carol Peletier is considered one of the best characters in television history and a total badass in TWD.

As expected – and hopefully for the long run – Carol is still well alive. Just like Daryl, the two have witnessed many losses. Though the viewers are rooting for the two to end up together, it seems that their chemistry will not go as far as their confined spinoff Daryl & Carol in the upcoming year. But who knows.

Although the 57-year-old actress could easily ace any role she puts herself up for, Melissa has kept her loyalty to her character as Carol. So no, there are no current projects outside of TWD, for now.

Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes)

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Chandler was only 10 years old when he joined The Walking Dead cast, now that’s hard to believe as we saw him grow up. Though the looks of the cast have remained the same, it’s inevitable to notice that the actor has done dramatic changes throughout his time on the series. Technically, the actor has spent half of his life in the series, if you think about it.

Carl was a beloved character that the audience was rooting for to stay alive until the very end. However, his character died in season eight after being bitten in his torso by a zombie in Alexandria while being evacuated. Carl kept it a secret, but eventually couldn’t hide it any longer. He made the decision of shooting himself with a gun to avoid reanimation.

Now at the age of 23, the actor appeared in films such as Only and Inherit the Viper. As of today, he is interpreting Patrick ‘PJ’ Nelson in a recurring role for A Million Little Things.

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Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee)

Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

The pizza delivery boy became a total hero – and a romantic one. Glenn became the group’s supply runner during the post-apocalypse. Early in his 20s, his character maintained a longtime relationship with Maggie, Hershel Green’s daughter.

Sadly, his character was murdered by the villain character, Negan. Glen was repeatedly beaten on his head by Negan’s ‘Lucille’ bat after being captured by the Saviors in season seven.

In 2016, the actor appeared in the music video of Park Jin-young. The South Korean record producer and CEO of JYP Entertainment’s song was titled Fire.

Representing the Asian community in TWD, Steven became an international star. The South Korean actor landed multiple roles in film and television. His most notable works since TWD are Okja, Sorry to Bother You, Minari, and The Humans.

The actor’s voice has also been heard in multiple projects. As of today, the actor is voicing for Tuca & Bartie and Invincible. Steven has a couple of projects lined up, such as the upcoming Beef series and Mickey 7.

Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh)

Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Rick’s best friend and once considered a leader in the group, writes The Express. He was doomed to tragedy. His character was stabbed in the chest in the penultimate episode of season two. Rick tried to kill Shane in a bid to stop him reanimating as a zombie as he had been bitten. However, he did come back to life as an undead and Carl shot him in the head.

Though the life of Shane Walsh ended in tears, the actor appeared occasionally throughout the season during flashbacks and dream sequences in remembrance of his character.

As one of the most successful characters in The Walking Dead, his career really took off with many open doors. Starting by appearing in the two seasons of Netflix’s Marvel series Punisher, the 45-year-old bagged major roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, Sicario, Baby Driver, and Ford V Ferrari.

In 2021, he began producing various works. He has produced King Richard, Small Engine Repair, and the 2022 American comedy film, Sharp Stick.
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