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One Piece manga chapter 1057 release date, time and detailed spoilers

The One Piece manga was sadly been delayed this week, but what date will chapter 1057 release and what detailed spoilers have leaked online? The…

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The One Piece manga was sadly been delayed this week, but what date will chapter 1057 release and what detailed spoilers have leaked online?

The One Piece franchise is on a roll following the release and subsequent explosion of the new theatrical Red movie.

The new film not only had the biggest opening for a One Piece movie ever, but it also had the second biggest opening day in Japanese box office history – currently sitting at an impressive 7 billion yen (about $56 million).

However, it’s now the turn of the One Piece manga to make the headlines as the series took a surprise delay last week – so why is chapter 1057 postponed, what date will it now release and what early spoilers have been leaked?

Spoiler warning: This article will contain potential spoilers for One Piece chapter 1057, the related section is labelled as such, but read on at your own discretion.

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One Piece chapter 1057: Release date, time and delay explained

The One Piece manga series was sadly on a short break last week in Japan, meaning that fans around the world had to wait a little longer before experiencing chapter 1057.

The reason for the delay is reportedly because of a holiday scheduled at the Shueisha offices, the team behind the domestic publication of the One Piece manga.

This means that all Shueisha products were postponed for at least one week, including One Piece, Black Clover, My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen.

The good news is that the delay to the One Piece manga is not set to be a prolonged one. Viz Media has since confirmed that One Piece chapter 1057 is now scheduled to launch worldwide in English on Sunday, August 21st.

Per Manga Plus, the latest manga chapter will release from the following international times on August 21st:

Pacific Time – 8 AMEastern Time – 11 AMBritish Time – 4 PMEuropean Time – 5 PMIndia Time – 8:30 PMPhilippine Time – 11 PMAustralia Central Time – 12:30 AM

Both Viz Media and Manga Plus offer the first and latest three chapters for free on their respective websites, with a subscription of $1.99 a month needed to access the entire catalogue of published material.

Manga Plus can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play.

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Detailed spoilers leak online for One Piece chapter 1057

The One Piece manga series have taken a short break this week, but the detailed spoilers for chapter 1057 have already been leaked online.

Spoiler warning – this section will contain potential spoilers for One Piece chapter 1057, so read at your own discretion.

The detailed spoilers have been shared on social media by the excellent Twitter page OPspoiler, a typically-reputable outlet for the latest One Piece news.

The chapter is reportedly titled “Finale” and opens with an auditorium in the Flower Capital where a teacher is telling the story of Wanokuni – citizens pack out the arena and shout support when the Red Scabbards are mentioned.

Cut to the forest near Udon, where Momonosuke is running in his dragon form with Yamato and Kinemon on his back. Momo asks Yamato whether they are going to join Luffy, but Yamato says that they have already made up their mind – Momo thinks they might be afraid of something.

Momonosuke then starts to get angry at why Luffy left without saying goodbye – he feels like he has been treated like a fool even after showing his bravery during the battle at Onigashima castle. Momo then has several flashbacks to the battle, as well as when he met Luffy for the first time.

Momo then starts to insult Luffy, saying that he doesn’t have a heart, that he is a cruel man and that he has mistaken rudeness for freedom – Kinemon agrees with Momo, but is quickly told to shut up by the dragon.

Cut to Udon port, where Luffy, Law and Kid’s ships are ready to depart; Law says that the next time they meet, they might be enemies – Chopper then tries to say goodbye to Law, but is also told to shut up.

Just before the group boards their respective ships, Momonosuke arrives with Yamato and Kinemon – Kinemon draws his sword at Luffy and demands to know why he is leaving without saying goodbye. Momonosuke glares at Luffy, but then begins to cry and begs him not to leave him behind – something that draws an emotional response from almost every character present.

Luffy then gives a present to Momo…it’s the Straw Hats flag.

Luffy says that they should present the flag in Wanokuni and use it as a deterrent to would-be enemies – he then says that whenever they decide it’s time to be a pirate, they will come looking for them. The group then leaves and sets sail on the open ocean once again, leaving Momo, Kinemon and Yamato arguing with each other on the docks.

At sea, Nami says that they must now go to Hakumai in order to take the ship down, Kid mocks them because he thinks they are going for the ‘safer’ option which angers Luffy and Law. Luffy then takes the helm as we finally see the three ships falling over the Wanokuni waterfalls as everyone starts screaming – either in fear or excitement.

Cut back to the auditorium, where the teacher is continuing to narrate the story of Wanokuni and the various battles that have taken place over the past few decades – the citizens in the audience are extremely boisterous and emotional.

Momonosuke, Kinemon and Yamato go to the Shogun’s castle and try to find a place to hang the Straw Hats flag…The narrator ends the chapter with “Now let’s take a little break. If chances allow it, we hope to see you back here again…”

This completes the 3rd act and the story of Wanokuni, “with cherry blossoms flying in a country finally free and with a great future ahead.”

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