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New Jeans: HYBE girl group members’ names, age & debut schedule

HYBE sub-label ADOR’s first girl group New Jeans has released their first music video as they get ready for their August debut. Take a look…

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HYBE sub-label ADOR’s first girl group New Jeans has released their first music video as they get ready for their August debut. Take a look at all about New Jeans members and their debut schedule with four back-to-back music videos here.

For the unversed, ADOR aka All Doors One Room is an independent label founded by HYBE CBO (chief brand officer) and producer Min Hee Jin under the umbrella of HYBE. The former SM Entertainment executive director joined HYBE in 2019 when it was still named BigHit Entertainment limited.

About the new girl group of ADOR, the official site of New Jeans say, “Just as jeans have withstood the test of time and found popularity among everyone everywhere, here’s to New Jeans becoming an icon of a generation—one you keep coming back to daily and never tire of putting on! With that aspiration in their hearts, and their new genes engineered into the era, this marks the start of New Jeans.”

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Screenshot NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘Attention’ Official MV | HYBE LABELS YouTube

Meet New Jeans members

HYBE girl group New Jeans debuted five members with their first single Attention. While the official label hasn’t posted many details about the group, here’s all we know about the group including their names and ages.

Currently, New Jeans have five members including Minji, Hani, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein.

Meet the members below.

Kim Minji

According to Allkpop, Kim Minji is Korean and a 2004 liner. The 18-year-old k-pop rookie has already impressed fans with her stunning dance moves in the first music video of New Jeans, Attention.

Hello! We are Minji Global!We are new fanbase for #Minji from #NewJeans we will do daily update for MinjiPlease supoort us! Thankyou!#NewJeans #뉴진스 #MINJI— Minji Global (@Minji_Global) July 21, 2022


Another member who has been on the buzz since their debut MV is Hani as the 18-year-old K-pop rookie is reportedly the first female HYBE Vietnamese idol.

[#ADMIN]Welcome Hani our Vietnamese member and the first female Vietnamese Idol in HYBE!ATTENTION ON NEW JEANS#NewJeansisComing#NewJeansDoorisOpen@NewJeans_ADOR— New Jeans Global (@NewJeansGlobal_) July 21, 2022


Another South Korean member of the group is Haerin who is a 2006 liner. Take a look at the stunning teaser photo of the 16-year-old K-pop rookie below.

[#UPDATE] Instagram Update Haerin: “Hi there we are New Jeans!”ATTENTION ON NEWJEANS#NewJeans #뉴진스 #NewJeans_Attention@NewJeans_ADOR— New Jeans Global (@NewJeansGlobal_) July 21, 2022


HYBE New Jeans’ fourth member is Australian-Korean K-pop rookie Danielle. The 17-year-old New Jeans member has already participated in writing their first single Attention.

Danielle from NewJeans— newjeans pics (@picsofnewjeans) July 21, 2022


The youngest member of New Jeans, Hyein is 14. The 2004 liner was in a Pocket TV YouTube video “how to pass a K-pop audition.”

hyein instagram update— newjeans pics (@picsnewjeans) July 21, 2022

[#UPDATE]Names, birth year and nationality of New Jeans members. From left to right:Hani – 2004 – Vietnamese Minji – 2004 – KoreanHaerin- 2006 – Korean Danielle- 2005 – Australian-Korean Hyein- 2008 – Korean ATTENTION ON NEW JEANS#NewJeansisComing@NewJeans_ADOR— New Jeans Global (@NewJeansGlobal_) July 21, 2022

New Jeans debut schedule

New Jeans have taken a unique approach toward their debut as they will be releasing four music videos back to back before their August debut album release.

After Attention, New Jeans will be releasing their second MV on July 23 titled Hype Boy at 12 AM KST.

On July 25, New Jeans will be dropping the third music video Hurt at 12 AM KST.

On August 1, the group will be releasing their fourth and final MV Cookie at 6 PM KST/ 5 AM ET.

Their debut Extended Play will be released digitally on August 1 along with Cookie MV.

The group will be appearing in weekly music shows including M Countdown on August 4th, Music Bank on August 5th, and Inkigayo on August 6th.

Their first EP will officially be available on August 8.

#ATTENTIon_NewJeans— NewJeans (@NewJeans_ADOR) July 21, 2022

More about New Jeans EP

The official site of New Jeans has shed more light on the new group’s upcoming music.

According to the official update, “The all-teenager lineup of NewJeans exudes a pure, effortless charm, and the four tracks off the album are brimming with the kind of energy reserved exclusively for youth.”

“With a casual listen, it seems like every track dives into the kind of young love everyone the same age as the NewJeans members experiences, but when taken as a whole the EP looks at how life is for today’s teens, each song telling a different story and approaching them from a distinct musical angle, going beyond personal narratives to paint a collective portrait as well.”

Playing with the word play ‘New Jeans’ that also sound like New Gen/ new genes, the next three tracks of New Jeans will also carry the youthful flavor.

Hype Boy will be all about a “moombahton/electropop mash-up, including the unique pre-chorus, puts the members’ distinct vocals front and center.”

Another lead single Cookie will be based on “the minimal hip hop beat and cute lyrics show oddly endearingself-assurance—with a hint of tension. Dance pop with fat synths and a twist on the Jersey club sound.”

And finally, Hurt is a “sad, lovely R&B track backed by groovy drums and smooth, bittersweet vocals, particularly those during the chorus, which give the impression the members are performing a cappella.”

Prior to the next MV dropping, listen to Attention below.

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