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Nancy Shevell biography: net worth, age, first marriage, husband, wikipedia, paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell biography: net worth, age, first marriage, husband, wikipedia, paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell

Many of the celebrities we see today became famous through their work in a variety of fields, including sports, music, acting, and a variety of other endeavors that are known to attract fans. However, there are still a select few who achieved celebrity as a result of their association with the wealthy and famous. Nancy Shevell exemplifies this category perfectly; her elevated status as the wife of Beatles legend Paul McCartney catapulted her to fame overnight, and she is still basking in the celebrity that comes with such a high-profile marriage.

paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell
paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell, like the majority of celebrity spouses, is well-known as a result of her partner’s celebrity. While she may lack a personal claim to fame, few are aware that she is a savvy businesswoman who has achieved remarkable professional success. Shevell, like her famous husband, has overcome obstacles on both a professional and personal level and is now rumored to be living her best life. There are numerous reasons why Paul McCartney’s wife’s profile should not be overlooked, and we have included quite a few of them here.

Nancy Shevell was Born With a Silver Spoon

Nancy Shevell was born in New York on November 20, 1959; however, she spent the majority of her formative years in Edison, New Jersey. The details of her family background and upbringing are readily available; we know she was born with the proverbial silver spoon as the daughter of Myron Shevell, the owner of New England Motor Freight, and his wife Arlene.

Nancy’s family is Jewish, and she was raised as such. She is not her parents’ only child; she grew up alongside her brother Jon Shevell, who went on to become a vice president and director at New England Motor Freight. Regrettably, Jon died in 2008, allegedly as a result of a drug overdose. Nancy’s brother’s death was not the only tragedy that befell the Shevell family; her mother Arlene had previously succumbed to breast cancer in 1991. Nancy Shevell’s illustrious family connections continue to include her second cousin Barbara Walters, a broadcasting legend.

Nancy was an extremely active child who was athletic and participated in a variety of sports. Additionally, she was not a typical girl, preferring a truck over a doll as a toy. Nancy was your typical tomboyish girl, whose interests were always directed toward boyish things, and she appeared to have the full support of her adoring father, who provided those items for her. Additionally, her father permitted her to spend quality time at his trucking company’s terminals, where she developed an interest in the family business.

There are no public records of Shevell’s elementary education, but based on known facts, she attended John P. Stevens High School and was a member of the school’s all-girl football team due to her athletic prowess. On the other hand, we have complete information about her post-secondary education; she enrolled in Arizona State University following her high school graduation and earned a degree in transportation at the conclusion of her studies.

Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell Now Runs Her Family Business

Nancy Shevell grew up in a comfortable environment thanks to her father, Myron, who owned a trucking company, New England Motor Freight Inc. Nancy’s college degree is a result of her interest in the family transportation business, and she was never deterred by the fact that the industry was male-dominated. Myron’s daughter developed an interest in Motor Freight at a young age, but that did not stop her from attending college to acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise for the day-to-day operation of the business. After acquiring the necessary knowledge in college, Myron handed over the reins of the company to his daughter.

As is to be expected in any business climate, Nancy Shevell’s early years as owner of the trucking company were not easy. Even with time and a wealth of experience behind her, she had to make numerous sacrifices to keep the company running smoothly. Regardless, Nancy consistently outperformed the company while holding various positions and eventually steered the family business to greater heights. Indeed, she did not begin at the top; she had to work her way up through the company’s ranks, eventually attaining the enviable position of vice president within three years of joining. Since then, the businesswoman has been extremely effective at steering the affairs of a company that is generally considered to be more masculine in nature. Indeed, she has demonstrated not only that a woman is capable of performing the same tasks as a man, but that she is capable of performing those manly tasks even better.

She Proved Her Mettle in Transportation Working for the Government

You would be completely incorrect if you believe Nancy Shevell rose to the position of vice president at New England Motor Freight Inc solely due to her family ties to the founder. To be honest, the New York-born businesswoman is priceless when it comes to the transportation industry.

Nobody can deny Nancy Shevell’s accomplishments in the transportation industry, and her stellar performance in the family trucking business did not go unnoticed. In 2001, the state government recognized Shevell’s business acumen and appointed her to the prestigious board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York, the state’s largest public transportation authority.

Shevell is a Millionaire Several Times Over

With the type of business in which Nancy Shevell is involved, one should not be surprised at the amount of wealth she has accumulated over the years, and coming from a privileged background undoubtedly contributes to her current financial status.

Needless to say, Myron’s daughter grew up learning the ropes and eventually took over the family business. While Nancy has not disclosed her exact annual salary or earnings, her business ventures have amassed a sizable fortune. She is an accomplished woman in her own right, with an estimated net worth of $200 million. This may not be the best Nancy has to offer, especially given her new status as the third wife of Beatle legend Paul McCartney.

She is Happily Married to a Legendary Musician

Nancy Shevell is well-known as the woman who won Paul McCartney’s heart. Despite her brief stint in business, it is Nancy’s relationship with the Beatles legend that catapulted her into the limelight. The pair met for the first time in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. They quickly developed a romantic relationship and, for reasons best known to themselves, chose to keep their romance a secret. Their little secret, however, was short-lived, which is unsurprising. As is the case with the majority of celebrity relationships, Nancy and Shevell’s romance was quickly noticed by the media, and as expected, fans and the general public quickly learned about it.

Nancy said yes when McCartney finally proposed, convinced that he is the man she wishes to spend the rest of her life with. Nancy and Paul were officially engaged on the 6th of May 2011 following a four-year courtship. The couple then married on October 9, 2011 at London’s Old Marylebone Town Hall.

It may interest you to learn that the location of their nuptials was the same as the location of the famous singer’s 1969 marriage vows with his first wife Linda Eastman. After nearly nine years, Shevell and McCartney have remained inseparable. If the couple’s frequent vacation photos are any indication, theirs is a match made in heaven. The lovers appear to have discovered true love in one another’s arms and have arguably settled in together for the foreseeable future.

Nancy, like her husband, came from a sour relationship.

It’s worth noting that Nancy and Paul were both recently divorced when they met, and one could argue that this was one of their bonding factors at the time. The couple is connected by their previous marriages.

For Shevell, her first marriage was to Bruce Blakeman, her college sweetheart. After they elevated their college romance to the ultimate level of matrimony, things began to fall apart, and they eventually decided to divorce in December 2008 after a few years of marriage.

paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell
paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell

Nancy is the Third Wife of Paul McCartney.

Nancy Shevell is Paul McCartney’s third marriage attempt. Linda McCartney, a photographer and musician, was the first wife of the Beatles legend. The couple married in 1969 and remained husband and wife until Linda’s death in 1998. The singer then married Heather Mills, a former model, in 2002. McCartney and Mills’ relationship was anything but “until death do us part.” Indeed, their marriage lasted only six years before collapsing and the couple was forced to call it quits officially in 2008. Paul McCartney’s second wife drew numerous media comments; in fact, one of the most critical was made by Nancy’s cousin Barbara Walters, who was unaware that her own cousin was already romantically involved with the iconic singer.

paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell
paul mccartney and Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney have been married since 2011 and their relationship is presumably growing stronger by the day. Nancy, according to Daily Mail reports, adopted her husband’s vegetarian lifestyle. As former divorcees, the couple drew significant lessons from their previous relationships and took precautions prior to their marriage. Shevell, in particular, signed a prenuptial agreement prior to the exchange of marital vows. In other words, in the event of a divorce, the businesswoman will be ineligible to receive alimony. McCartney’s marriage to Mills, which resulted in him paying over $35 million in settlement, appears to have opened his eyes to the realities of messy divorces and colossal alimony that the rich and famous must contend with.

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