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J Lo’s career began with Jenny From The Block and humble beginnings from The Bronx

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need an introduction. But as today is J Lo’s 53rd birthday, HITC dives into her humble beginnings, career, and current incredible international…

The post J Lo’s career began with Jenny From The Block and humble beginnings from The Bronx appeared first on HITC.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need an introduction. But as today is J Lo’s 53rd birthday, Ladunblog dives into her humble beginnings, career, and current incredible international fame.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J Lo or the newly Mrs Affleck, had a wild journey becoming one of the biggest female stars today with a huge career. With a staggering net worth of $400 million, there’s no doubt that the Puerto Rican is unstoppable.

Let’s get loud. Being in the spotlight from a very young age, she is now one of the most successful Latino actresses and singers, as well as a living icon in the Hollywood industry.

Keep reading to find out more about J Lo’s start in the entertainment career, to the powerful celebrity she is today.

Happy 53rd birthday, J LO!

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The beginnings of ‘Jenny From The Block’

Photo by Ron Davis/Getty Images

J Lo has been in the spotlight ever since she was five years old, though she rose to fame at the age of 20. Best known for her role as the legendary Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, the actress-turned-singer shot to fame thanks to her hit single ‘Jenny From The Block‘.

Growing up in The Bronx as a Latina, Jennifer was destined to become one of the biggest Latino artists in Hollywood and around the globe. Born to her parents, her dad was a computer technician and her mother a homemaker, she took dance and singing lessons from age seven.

Her journey began with building an empire from scratch and going on to making a trademark name for herself. I mean, almost everyone knows or has heard of J Lo.

Before shooting to fame, Jennifer started as a dancer. Dedicated to beginning her showbiz career, she then became a Fly Girl, shot her first music videos and movies, and studio albums.

A decade after getting her name out there, she dropped her third album This Is Me… Then, where the famous track Jenny From The Block was included.

Her international fame expanded, and she became known as the J Lo from the Bronx we know of today.

J Lo reflects on her career: ‘I didn’t grow up with a lot’

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

The singer was named as Pop Culture Innovator by WSJ Magazine in 2020, and she chose the opportunity to speak about where she has come from.

The star shared a video with her fans over the experience.

J Lo said in the clip: “When I first came on the scene, I wasn‘t trying to be the size zero model or say I wasn’t Latin and change my name. I was Jennifer Lopez. I had a big butt, I embraced that, but I didn’t just wanna be the Latin actress or the one who played those roles”. She then confessed: “I wanted to do different roles.”

“There’s different acts in our lives and every day I’m trying to be a better version of myself,” she added.

“It’s really been a life’s journey of trying to figure myself out and where I fall short and where I could be better and where patterns from my childhood have held me back in different areas of my life.”

She then admitted: “Growing up in the Bronx really did shape me, because I grew up with not a lot.

“Everything about me; my kind of grit. I never thought about it or described it this way before but it is the heartbeat inside of me that is the Bronx and my upbringing that continues to drive me.”

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‘La Guitarra’ and ‘insuring her bum’

Photo by Dagmar Scherf/ullstein bild via Getty Images

During her adulthood, many men dreamed of Jennifer Lopez and were in love with her killer body. For that reason, she was given the nickname “La Guitarra’, which in Spanish translates to “The Guitar”. Why? It all goes down to her fitted body curved like an instrument.

In 2016, rumours circulated the singer had insured her bum for the staggering amount of a million dollars. Yes, you’ve read it right.

For big A-listers celebrities, it seems to be a thing to put a price on themselves, and certain parts of their body. Just like Rihanna’s legs being worth a million dollars, rumours flew of J Lo joining the club.

However, the singer then cleared up the rumours by shutting them down. Though she knew that such a thing existed in other parts of the world, she did not insure her famous bum for such an amount.

During a Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and being asked to clarify her fans, the singer told the British host: “No! There is no such thing. I think there is a place in your home country (UK) where you can secure certain things, parts of your body, seriously. It exists. I have heard it. But not here (Los Angeles), I don’t think so!”

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Becoming an icon and living fairytale life

Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage

J Lo has become a megastar and is considered a pop culture icon. Five decades later, the 53-year-old has succeeded in making her name known in the whole world. Her hard work has come down to getting her own Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Jennifer Lopez has won more than 200 awards, including Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards, as well as nominations for the Grammys.

During her active years, not only have fans seen her work being well acclaimed and danced to her songs on the floor (literally) but her life has been closely followed. Yes, her four marriages and two children.

The Marry Me actress took it quite literally… Y El Anilla Pa’ Cuándo? Reuniting with her love after two decades, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot in a Las Vegas wedding last week.

Want to learn more about her life? Jennifer Lopez’s Halftime documentary is out on Netflix.
The post J Lo’s career began with Jenny From The Block and humble beginnings from The Bronx appeared first on Ladunblog.