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How to close App on iphone 13

How to close App on iphone 13

Normally, your iPhone 13 keeps the foreground apps running smoothly (or suspended in the background, ready to resume when needed). However, if an iOS app behaves badly, it’s simple to force the app to close. This is how.

Only Close Apps if They Malfunction

Before we begin, it’s critical to understand that the iPhone 13’s operating system, Apple’s iOS, does an excellent job of managing system resources automatically. Thus, you do not need to force an app to close manually unless it becomes unresponsive or glitchy.

While it may be tempting to regularly “clean house” by closing suspended apps, doing so can actually slow down your iPhone and degrade its battery life. This is because the next time you launch an app, it must completely reload. It’s slower and consumes more CPU cycles, depleting the battery on your iPhone.

How to Force an App to Close on iPhone 13

To terminate an application on your iPhone 13, you must first launch the app switcher screen. To do so, swipe upward from the screen’s bottom edge, pause near the screen’s center, and then lift your finger.

When the app switcher screen appears, you’ll see a gallery of thumbnails representing all the apps on your iPhone that are currently open or suspended. Swipe left or right to navigate through the apps.

When you’ve located the thumbnail of the app you want to close, quickly flick it upward toward the top edge of the screen with your finger.

The thumbnail will vanish, and the application will be forced to shut down. When you relaunch the app, it will completely reload. On the app switcher screen, you can repeat this process with as many apps as you like.

If you continue to experience issues with an app after forcing it to close, restart your iPhone 13. Additionally, you can perform a system update or an app update. Finally, if you’re on an iPad and need to force an app to close, a similar technique works there as well. Best of luck!

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