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How To Choose the Best Quality Cannabis Shatter

How To Choose the Best Quality Cannabis Shatter

People’s willingness to experiment and try new things in the cannabis industry causes it to constantly shift. Dabbing, a method of inhaling concentrated and pure cannabinoids like THC and CBD, is becoming increasingly popular as more people discover the benefits of heating oily extracts from the cannabis plant.

Some of these extracts are known by a variety of names, such as batter, dabs, wax, honey, and, of course, shatter. They are more powerful than their plant-based counterparts in general. But interestingly, they also make it easier to consume because they are more discrete and simple to use.

Because of their portability and potency, cannabis extracts such as shatter are becoming increasingly popular. For those interested, the most common questions are where to buy high-quality products, how to spot subpar shattered glass, and how to pick the best.

What is a Cannabis Shatter

Shatter, a solvent-based cannabis product, is a popular choice for consumers. Butane or ethane are typically used to make concentrates like shatter. Because of its brittle nature and the speed at which it breaks on impact, this product is appropriately named “shatter.” As a result, the term’shatter’ is used.

How To Choose the Best Quality Cannabis Shatter
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Stable shatter, which is produced using the right processes and kept at the right temperature, has a hard surface and can be shattered with a simple tap, making it appear to be broken glass. Knowing where to buy high-quality shatter and how much you can save when purchasing cannabis concentrates at a discount is essential because you can’t always tell the purity of a product solely by looking at it.

Butane is the standard method for making shatter, but there are other, more advanced methods, such as CO2 extraction. Dabbing, vaporizing, and smoking are all methods of ingesting cannabis concentrates.

How to Determine The Quality of Cannabis Shatter

The current market for concentrates like shatter is flooded with a variety of offerings. The various shatter brands and varieties, on the other hand, are of poor quality. It’s not uncommon for these concentrates to cost several hundred dollars or more. As a result, you should conduct thorough research on the brand you’re considering before making a purchase.

How To Choose the Best Quality Cannabis Shatter
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As a result, the quality indicators listed below should be taken into consideration.

Shattered refers to the product’s appearance and texture. In other words, when you’re out shopping, make sure you’re only looking at clothes. However, when it comes to the overly detailed product descriptions used by brands, there are concerns. A sample shatter should feel hard, glass-like, and fragile when you hold it in your hands. In addition to this, it must have a snappy and pliable texture. The color can range from a golden yellow to a bright amber all over. It’s easier to avoid strange colors like greenish-yellow when you know what your ideal shatter looks like to the naked eye.


Shatter, for example, is a cannabis concentrate high in THC and other cannabinoids, such as CBD, as previously mentioned. As a result, if you use a high-quality shatter, your high will be stronger. As a newbie, it’s best to take your time and get familiar with the app. The potency of the shatters sold at various marijuana dispensaries ranges widely. To begin with, you need to make sure that the product’s labeling is correct. First-time users should stick to products with a low THC content. This means that the higher THC concentration can be tolerated by your body. High potency shatter tends to be more expensive.


You must ensure that your product is free of any contaminant or solvent in order to produce high-quality cannabis shatters. Rather than using surplus trim or subpar strains in the extraction process, only high-quality marijuana buds were used in the procedure. Keep in mind that cannabis trim contains far fewer terpenes than any of the plant’s actual bugs.

It’s because of this that shatters made from trim aren’t as flavorful as shatters made from buds. Sugar leaves and fan leaves, both of which grow on branches and buds, are referred to as “trim.” To avoid the chlorophyll taste, trim-produced shatters are usually characterized.


The consistency of your shatter should not be compromised by the presence of other substances, so avoid them. To gauge the quality of a product, look at the finished product. Are there any green or additional darkness in the color of the shatter? Then there could be some contaminants left over, resulting in a product of questionable quality. Also, if it appears slightly amber orange or golden yellow, it is likely to be a high-quality product free of pollutants. Another telltale sign of poor quality is a product that does not have an oily or waxy feel to it.


When purchasing shatter from a dispensary, it’s a good idea to keep it close to your nose. Top-of-the-line marijuana products have a distinctive smell that’s easy to detect in the air. A low-quality product, possibly made from trim, will have a weak or non-existent scent if the shatter is odorless. As a general rule, the driest weed plants are more likely to produce concentrates that are less aromatic and flavorful.

Because terpenes are present in marijuana, they are the molecules that give the plant its distinctive smell. Just because your product smells great doesn’t mean it will taste great, so don’t confuse the two. The best-tasting shatters have a flavor that is reminiscent of the strains of weed and the solvents used in their extractions.


It’s critical to be aware of the potency of the cannabis shatters available on the weed market now that you have the option to select the highest quality. As a result, you should start out slowly when consuming them. When using your dabbing tool, start by pooling the smallest amount of material possible. Before increasing the dose in your next session, wait and see how you feel. Finally, be selective in your vendor selection and stay away from substandard products.

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