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How Do I Upgrade My PC To Windows 11 For Free?

How Do I Upgrade My PC To Windows 11 For Free?

The new version of Windows, Windows 11, is now available. Windows 10 users who have made up their minds that they want to upgrade should know how to get the free upgrade even when Windows Update doesn’t. If Windows 11 isn’t officially supported on your PC, you can still use this method.

How Do I Upgrade My PC To Windows 11

Test if Windows 11 is Compatible with Your PC Using These Steps.

Install the Microsoft PC Health Check app on your PC and run it to see if Windows 11 is officially supported on your PC hardware.

By pressing the “Check Now” button, you’ll learn if Windows 11 is officially supported on your computer. You’ll learn why if you don’t use the tool if that doesn’t happen. If the issue is a lack of TPM 2.0, you may be able to enable TPM 2.0 in your PC’s UEFI firmware (BIOS.)

Good news: Upgrading to Windows 11 is possible even if your PC isn’t officially supported. It’s entirely up to you, but Microsoft cautions that doing so may result in issues and that it cannot guarantee future Windows hardware updates.

How Do I Upgrade My PC To Windows 11

Instead of Risking Everything, Use Windows Update

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update on your Windows 10 PC for the safest update process. (To quickly access the Settings app, press Windows+i.)

The “Check for updates” button will let you know if there are any new updates to install. It’s possible that if Microsoft thinks your PC is ready for Windows 11, you’ll see a “Free Upgrade to Windows 11” banner here. To get it, go to the “Download and install” section and click “Download and install.”

Note that over time, Microsoft will roll out this update to an increasing number of PCs. There’s a good chance you’ll see a banner offering you the update soon—it could be a week or a month. Microsoft recommends waiting for Windows Update to offer the update to your PC in order to get the best possible update experience on your hardware. You’ll receive the update once Microsoft is satisfied with your PC’s readiness.

If your PC isn’t officially supported by Windows 11, you won’t be able to get the update through the Windows Update service. Not to worry; Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will receive official support until October 2025.)

How to Get Windows 11 Quickly and Easily

Windows 11 can be downloaded immediately using a number of tools provided by Microsoft. These will allow you to skip the lengthy upgrade process and install Windows 11 right away, even if your PC isn’t officially compatible with the new operating system.

Visit the Windows 11 Download page on Microsoft’s website to get started. The Windows 11 Update Assistant is a free tool that we recommend you use. It will perform a clean install of Windows 11 on your current PC. In addition to using the Create Windows 11 Installation Media tool, you can download a Windows 11 ISO and install it in your virtual machine.

You should be aware that if you install Windows 11 right away, you’re bypassing Microsoft’s gradual rollout. If you use Windows 11 on a piece of hardware, you may run into issues. If that’s a deal breaker for you, we suggest you hold off on the upgrade for a few more months.

If you run into any issues, you have ten days after upgrading to go back to Windows 10 if you want to.

According to Microsoft, even if your PC’s hardware isn’t officially supported for Windows 11, you can still use these tools to upgrade to Windows 11. To begin, you must first agree to a warning. While accepting the risk of problems is entirely up to you, we strongly advise against upgrading older PCs to Windows 10 unless you’re motivated to do so for some other reason.)

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