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F4 movie is now dependent on audience reactions, says director

F3: Fun and Frustration has just dropped on Netflix, with the director hinting that the chance of F4 is now dependent on fan demand. If…

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F3: Fun and Frustration has just dropped on Netflix, with the director hinting that the chance of F4 is now dependent on fan demand.

If you aren’t out celebrating the start of the weekend tonight, Netflix has two new movies available for you to enjoy this Friday evening, The Gray Man (starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Dhanush) and F3: Fun and Frustration (starring Venkatesh and Varun Tej).

Whilst The Gray Man is hopefully a franchise-started, F3 is the third instalment in the Fun and Frustration franchise. However, fans are already asking about what the future holds and the possibility of an F4 movie, which director Anvil Ravipudi hints is now dependent on you, the fans.

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F3 finally lands on OTT streaming platforms

Earlier today, July 22nd, the F3: Fun and Frustration movie was finally released for OTT streaming via the Netflix and SonyLIV platforms respectively, following its theatrical debut back on May 27th.

Interestingly, F3 was originally scheduled to premiere in theatres all the way back in August 2021. However, the release was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, with two subsequent delays barring scheduling clashes with the Bheemla Nayak and Acharya films.

Thankfully, fans around the world can now enjoy the Fun and Frustration that comes with the franchise from the comfort of their living room. If you currently aren’t a Netflix India subscriber, there are several plans you can take advantage of that will grant access to the film and following a significant price cut earlier in the year, there has actually never been a better time to get your Tudum’s going:

Netflix India Mobile Plan: Rs 149 a month, one mobile or tablet deviceNetflix India Basic Plan: Rs 199 a month, one non-mobile deviceNetflix India Standard Plan: Rs 499 a month, two non-mobile devices simultaneouslyNetflix India Premium Plan: Rs 649 a month, four non-mobile devices simultaneously

Triple the fun. Triple the funny. Triple the frustration F3 is coming to Netflix on the 22nd of July in Telugu!— Netflix India South (@Netflix_INSouth) July 12, 2022

F4: Fun and Frustration now dependent on response

As the name obviously indicates, F3: Fun and Frustration is the third movie from the popular franchise and ended with a teaser for a fourth instalment. Now, the film’s director has hinted that a fourth film would be entirely dependent on fan demand.

Earlier this year, director Anil Ravipudi sat down with Pinkvilla to discuss how he came to the decision to continue the Fun and Frustration franchise into a second, third and potentially fourth instalment.

“After directing multiple action packed entertainers, I felt the need to cater to the family audience. That’s how I decided on F2: Fun & Frustration, which turned out to be a blockbuster. The collections left everyone shocked. The F2 success resulted in me making F3 now.” – Anil Ravipudi, via Pinkvilla.

Ravipundi would then explain how “The biggest enemy of F3 is F2, as we must surpass the audience’s expectations” but adding how “We have tried our best to better F3 on all fronts by writing great episodes and great scenes…and we are very happy seeing the output of F3.”

Finally, the director would then tease the possibility of F4: Fun and Frustration going into production, noting how the chances of another film are now dependent on us, the fanbase.

“There is a chance for F4, but it all depends on how the audience receives F3. I want to make F4, but that won’t happen immediately.” – Anil Ravipudi, via Pinkvilla.

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F3 : FUN AND FRUSTRATION @SonyLIV— Tamilmemes3.0 ! 134K Insta page !! (@tamilmemes30) July 18, 2022

F3 had a very frustrating response from fans

Per Telugu Smayam, the F3: Fun and Frustration movie originally had a budget of around Rs 70 Crore.

The good news is that it appears that the film has indeed surpassed its budget to become at least profitable for the Di Raju Productions team, with The Times of India reporting a Rs 134 Crore earning after the theatrical run ended.

Unfortunately, the critical reviews and fan responses have thrown doubt into the future of F4, with the recently released third instalment only scoring an underwhelming 5.4/10 on IMDB and just 2.5/5 on The Times of India.

“The comedy was very crude and didn’t hit the right spots. Excessively dragged, it felt that the humor part was shoved down viewers throats to keep the humor alive. Yes it was funny at places, but it’s not a short film and “moments” doesn’t cut it. Should’ve speculated this when they did so much promotion..I went as a group of 4, and we all kept quiet as the rest were watching the film, but after the movie ended, we told each other that we all wanted to leave the film earlier but refrained from saying anything because the remaining 3 were watching.” – User dileepkoppu, via IMDB.

Film Companion India described the movie as “more problematic than funny” and that “They tease an F4 which is going to be bigger apparently [which] sounds like a threat honestly.”

“F3: Fun and Frustration” offers very little fun and a lot of frustration. It’s a witless comedy, manically told with terrible acting, in an irritating story that’s overstretched to two-and-a-half hours. What makes this movie even more difficult to watch is that it has no self-awareness about how bad it is. “F3: Fun and Frustration” tries to cram in as many dumb ideas as possible, thereby making the story lurch around from one horrible subplot to the next.” – Cara Hay, via Culture Mix.

The Indian Express gave F3 a dismal 1/5 stars, headlining their review as “Anil is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with the Venkatesh, Varun Tej starrer. His attempts at comedy lack both sincerity and originality.”

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