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Alec Baldwin was handed a loaded gun by a member of the film team who assured him it was safe.

Alec Baldwin was handed a loaded gun by a member of the film team who assured him it was safe.

When Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer on the set of a western film in New Mexico, film crew members gave him a loaded gun and said it was safe to use. Court documents reveal this.

The prop gun was loaded with real ammunition, and the assistant director, Dave Halls, claimed to have no idea.

What the hell is that thing? The Associated Press claims that Halls yelled before handing Baldwin the gun. Halls signaled the safety of the gun by exclaiming “Cold gun!” during the filming of scenes involving guns or military equipment.

Baldwin accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the chest while not realizing the gun was loaded.

When Mamie Mitchell, the film’s screenplay supervisor, was shot, she claimed she was standing very close to Hutchins. I raced out and called 911 and ordered them to bring as many people as possible,” Mitchell told the Associated Press.

According to court documents, director Joel Souza was standing behind Hutchins when Baldwin fired the gun. He was injured, spent a short time in the hospital, and was then released.

This particular rifle was among a group of three that the film’s armorer placed on a cart outside a wooden structure where a scene was scheduled to be shot, as reported by the Associated Press (AP).

On Thursday, October 21, a gunshot occurred at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, and investigators requested a search warrant to help them capture the area.

The firearm used in the shooting, as well as Baldwin’s blood-stained costume, were taken as evidence, according to the court filing.

Additionally, investigators seized prop firearms and ammo used in the production of the film “Rust,” which is based on a narrative by writers James Baldwin and John Souza.

The 63-year-old Baldwin has been cleared to travel by the sheriff’s office, according to spokesman Juan Rios.